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Spend as much time as you want on cam with me, you and I, getting to know each other, having fun or doing some role playing. If you're shy and you prefer not to show yourself or talk, not to worry, I respect that as well. Simply contact me on Discord to tell me what you are in the mood for.


Hundreds and hundreds of my best sellers, nominated videos and videos of the year are one click away for you to watch right now! Make sure you take the time to scroll through them all, lots of jewels in there! I also release new clips every single week! Alternatives can also be found at Clips4sale , PornHub , Manyvids is my preferred clip store and I strongly recommend you go through this one as 100% of my entire collection is there.


Be the director and have me role play pretty much anybody you have in mind and control from start to finish what you'd like me to say and do. Of course I will need more details than just a one liner, but I'm not interested in pages long detailed scripts either. You can build your own and get your own quote on here , but do not order straight away without having me approve your idea and options before so I can give you the green light. You can send me the details on Discord so we can discuss about it before you go through with it.


Realcock2 are simply the most realistic dildos I've ever had the chance to own in my entire life. The texture, the skin tones, everything is so real you'll fall from your chair when you get yours! It's unbelievable! They even have individual floating testicles! Not to mention that the skin slides. It can be used by hands, strap-on or any machine has it's Vac-U-Lock compatible! Comes in different length, size and skin colors. Watch my detailed Youtube Review for more info!

When it comes to spice up your sexual life, nothing does it better than Lovense! Through their free app, you get full control over each features of these amazing toys used by your partner. You get to control through your phone or your computer how, when and how strong you want her / him to get an orgasm! They are the ultimate toys to enjoy in your bedroom or getting wild incognito during a family dinner! Control anytime, anywhere!



You can't get the idea out of your head of having in hands something I've owned, worn or used? This is your chance to get your hands on; from panties to lingerie, toys to shoes, costumes to stockings and much more! You can browse my Official List of items for sale to see what's available. Every time an item is sold, my file gets updated within the hour. Same goes if I add new items. So make sure to refresh it once in a while, the link will always stay the same. For special requests, worn multiple days or used in different ways, photos of me with your selection or if you are from a foreign country, make sure you discuss with me on Discord first by giving me your item numbers and your requests.


How does this work ? (READ FIRST)👈

This is my one and only schedule showing when I am available for cam sessions, when I do special shows, when new posts are released on Instagram and when my weekly videos are released. Here are important things you need to know BEFORE you contact me with your request.

  • For cam sessions, you must look for the "🔛ONLINE " shifts.

  • The schedule is shown under YOUR own time zone and make sure it is the case by at the bottom left of your schedule

  • My TimeZone is Eastern Time GMT-5 so when you want to schedule something with me make sure you talk to me with my own hours. Ask google to convert it if need be.

  • DO NOT ask me if I could be available outside of my "Online" hours, I AM NOT AND I WILL NEVER BE. Otherwise keeping a schedule would be pointless.

  • It could happen sometimes that my schedule changes during the week, life happens, the schedule is in Real Time.

  • You have the ability to change the view to (Week, Month and Agenda) if you prefer.

  • You can see the following weeks (Top Left Arrows) to see when I am available next.

  • If you are a Google Calendar User, you can add it to your own by clicking the bottom right " ➕ " sign which is pretty convenient!

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